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One of the most important gases used in the cutting and welding markets is acetylene. It is the hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gasses. Of all the available fuel gases on the market, acetylene requires the least amount of oxygen to ensure complete combustion. It is used for flame heating, flame gouging, welding, flame hardening, thermal spraying, spot heating, carbon coating, and a variety of other industrial uses.

Because acetylene gas is intrinsically volatile, especially when it is pressurized, the gas needs to be stored in a safe medium. This storage is accomplished by dissolving it in liquid acetone or, in some cases, a DMF (Dimethyl Formamide) solvent. The liquid acetone is then stored in the acetylene cylinder, which in turn, is filled with a porous (sponge-like) cementitious material.

Norris Cylinder manufactures acetylene cylinders with a world renowned asbestos free, lime-silica porous mass. We were the original patent holder of this asbestos free mass and the original licensor to manufacturers in Spain, Australia, Germany, Czechoslovakia, France, Austria, England, and the United States.

In design, construction and workmanship, Norris acetylene cylinders exceed normal industry requirements. Acetylene cylinders are available in a wide variety of sizes, specifications and configurations with either acetone or DMF as the solvent.

Our welded acetylene cylinders are manufactured from steel disks that are cold cupped, drawn and welded to form a cylinder shell. They are manufactured in accordance with DOT 8/TC 8WM, DOT 8AL/TC 8WAM specifications from the U.S. Department of Transportation or Transport Canada. The cylinders are designed to a settled service pressure of 250 psig at 70°F for a withdrawal rate of 1/7 of cylinder capacity per hour.

In addition to DOT welded acetylene, Norris Cylinder manufactures ISO 3807-1 Seamless Acetylene cylinders from a seamless billet forged shell, which are available in 40L and 50L sizes.

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