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ISO High Pressure Cylinders Overview

High Pressure ISO/TPED Cylinders

ASME Accumulator Shells

Since 1981, Norris Cylinder Company has manufactured over 5,000,000 DOT high pressure cylinders at our plant in Longview, Texas. This represents over 30,000,000 cylinder life years of service. The quality of cylinders has been time-tested, and we can state with pride that Norris has never had a high pressure failure in the field due to a defect in workmanship.

Norris Cylinder Company offers high pressure cylinders that range from 158 to 414 Bar ISO/TPED and are available in multiple sizes, from 40L to 80L. Norris has developed a line of high pressure cylinders utilizing a modified Cr-Mo steel with a tensile strength around 1100 MPa. These cylinders offer an increased gas content to weight ratio over previous generation Cr-Mo cylinders. Cylinders are manufactured to either ISO 9809-1 or ISO 9809-2 specifications and can be supplied with a Pi mark for use within Europe and the United Nations.

Norris is committed to meeting and exceeding all applicable requirements from customers as well as strict attention to detail and workmanship. Today, Norris' cylinders are supplied to customers on every continent, meeting and exceeding the global industrial gas community's expectations.